Thursday, February 11, 2010

nu years first post!

ok ok..i kno dis is a little late for my first post of the new year..but believe it or not i have been kinda busy lately..doin wat i have no idea...or maybe i am just a little bit lazy to write about all d stuff goin on in my devious little many thoughts but no desire to put it down..

 Im writing this post during my studies break...sumhow i always get a lot of time to think about all the important things in my life during my study hours..things like why did i do this wen i cud do it a much better way..the hours of study i can really put in a day, bcoz it is really surprising.. out of 24 hours i study just 3-4 n dat too is a big achievement according to my standards..the different permutation combinations of study hours that i can actually use never happen..mayb again coz im lazy or just too bored to push myself dat much..anyways..its back to studies now..if  i can put in 2 hours of study i will feel dat i have accomplished sumthin..

until my next study break..

c ya

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