Thursday, October 8, 2009

hard work by dumb people=no work!!

today was an entertaining sections...lunch...n den ice creams...we were gona have ukala also but den decided against it..coz i mite end up in sumone else's house..

d reason i named my post's title like dat is bcoz like i mentioned before, me n one of my friends were workin on a section of a map- the "Isle of Wight"..these are century old British maps on which we gota draw sections for wat reason god only knows, and after 2 hours of grueling hard friend decided dat d section wasnt gud he threw it away...but den thought dat..wat d hell and tried getin it is a pic i uploaded of his failed attempt of gettin d section back...which later i helped him get back.


  1. you lie really well re...not all of that is true..

  2. d art of lying was learnt in d presence of d great one..Mr Taklado