Saturday, October 24, 2009

ongc exam- before

Today i got an ongc exam coming i thought i mite just add a post about my feelings n the amount of preparation i put in...

Feelings-not feeling good bcoz i had a late breakfast, i had a sore eye when i got up which has cleared by now, had a very bad cold which is threatening to come back...and yes..about the tension at all..the reason is explained below.

Preparations-read through a really fat copy of footnotes from the start of a book for objective questions on geology(ongc questions, upsc question etc), touched krishnan, but didn't open it, whizzed through billings and parbin singh and then at last went online to check for any help with general comes the big shocker, i checked some previous years papers...but the GENERAL AWARENESS was not that was very difficult and i msgd the links to my friends who gave up any more attempts to study..thats pretty much the end of my study time..

Now its just any other exam...maybe i will prepare for the exam next year...actually prepare..will come up with post later this day about d actual exam..if there will be anything to write about it. c ya

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