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new age rosary

this is a mail i received..quite i thought i might share it with u ppl

Not sure, but I thought I will pass it on ....

Passing on some info. which you may or may not have heard before....

This is a warning to our Catholic friends about New Age Rosary. They
SHOULD NOT keep them. I know the following is true because my sisters
were in Medjugorje (pilgrimage) and they were given this New Age
Rosary for free. There are people giving these away for free on the
streets. A priest who is an exorcist at Medjugorje told my sisters to
throw it out right away.

Here's the excerpt of an email I received recently: One of the things
I must mention is that there are now going around in the world,
plastic new age rosaries in white, blue and pink. I had no idea about
them until this was mentioned on the trip. Upon arriving home I went
through my own collection of plastic rosaries and found 2 that had a
snake wrapped above Jesus' head with the mouth just besides his face.
Also, no INRI sign and I think it is pentagons that surround each
point. On the back, are also puncture marks of some kind on the cross?
Please remind everyone to look carefully for these. Maybe you are
already aware but it would be a good idea to tell Catholics what is
now happening. One priest said it would be OK once it's blessed but
another priest, whom I trust explicitly and who is a Marian priest
said even though it may be blessed, it has not been exorcised and evil
may still persist........ Yvonne

These rosaries have appeared on sale at pilgrimage centers across
Europe and are in most
cases are given away for FREE. They are made from cheap plastic and
come in white, blue
or pink, stamped as having been made in Italy, yet no one knows who
has produced them.
Since they are available at places of pilgrimage this makes people
automatically think they
are fine to use. Information regarding the danger of these rosaries
was given at the Marian
Cenacle in Limoges, France on 14th March 2005. Why are they considered New Age?
They are considered New Age due to their symbolism which is not too
easy to see except
by close inspection of the crucifix, which shows a very sinister
story. Behind the figure of
Christ there can be seen a caduceus, which is an upright pole,
representing mediation
between Heaven and earth. It is an ancient herald's wand which was
carried by messenger
gods like Hermes or Mercury. The rod is also a divining rod to measure
the earth and it's
energies of power. The serpent Satan is shown behind the figure of
Christ and is depicted
by a coiled serpent which means latent power, concealed but not yet
fully manifest, a
dormant power. It may also represent to Satanists that the devil is co
messianic, co
redeemer and co Christ etc. The circles on the crucifix are from
Egyptian Graeco-Roman,
Phoencian, Baal symbols called the Pentagram, which is a major occult
sign. The circles or
pentagrams have five points, which represent, spirit, fire, earth,
water and air. The
pentagram at the bottom is upside down represents the devils goat. The
four circles with
dots in the centre signifies gold or the sun in alchemy. In general
the meaning is "The
resolution of all possibilities." Christ does not share any platform
with any other god,
philosophy or belief system or minor deity least of all Satan. The
depiction of Christ on the
cross is the most prominent place of worship, adoration, veneration,
glorification, for
Catholics and many other Christians and now Satanists or 'new agers,'
have placed Satan
alongside Christ. Some have even said that if these rosaries are
blessed, they loose any
negative power, however this cannot be assured, for it cannot be known
what curse, spell or hex has been placed on these rosaries, and what
do you think? There is some debate going on about this at the moment.

anyway Does anyone really want to pray on a rosary that depicts Satan?
What we need to be
asking ourselves who has made these rosaries with these symbols that
should not be

What do I do if I am given one of these rosaries?
If you are offered or given one of these rosaries break it and throw
it away that way it will loose its power when incomplete. There are a
small minority of UK suppliers who have bought some of these rosaries
and are trying to push people to buy them, I assume they do not
completely understand the seriousness of this symbolism. Also tell
your friends about these rosaries so they are aware of its dangers.

Why has this happened?
Over the years especially through the last century Our Lady has been
firm and very explicit regarding the power of the Holy Rosary being
the weapon against Satan, therefore would it not be fair to say that
the New Age rosary, is a sign that dark powers are trying to undermine
her crusade!

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