Sunday, October 11, 2009

whiskey and rum flavoured soda????

today was a really odd n my brother went mall browsing and went through almost 6 malls in 2 hours without finding anything interesting, we were browsing for high end phones. Then at this mall called Anupam mall we found a soda pub..dis pub had some the regular orange, mango tango n d works...and dey also had some other flavors titled 'Ayurvedic' flavors..i really didn't bother checking out that list coz d flavor list which caught my eye (and every other alcohol lovers eye) was d list with rum, whiskey and fruit beer flavoured sodas!. we immediately tried two of these flavours, my brother had the rum and a bit of my whiskey too, but didn;t allow me too have any of d now i know how d whiskey tastes..but not the rum..not a big rum fan, but wana check dat flavor nevertheless. I will surely go der with my fukat group members...dey wont mind a trip to taste cheap alcohol substitutes!

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